RC Boat-1/35 PT-109 Motor Torpedo Boat

  • This is a plastic model kit (unbuilt / unpainted).
  • ASSEMBLY AND PAINTING REQUIRED (glue and paint not included)
  • Includes photographic reference manual and photo-etch detail parts
  • Finished model is approximately 27 inches long
  • 100% New Molds

Italeri’s 1/35 scale PT-109 model kit represents the pinnacle of scale model kit engineering. The kit includes not only the finely detailed plastic part sprues, but also a set of photo-etch detailing parts, fine thread for the rigging and a information booklet. In a nutshell, this kit will build-up into a fine display piece. However the size of the hull lends itself to conversioin to a R/C model if you’re so inclined.

To build the PT-109 as she appeared at the time of her sinking, you can’t follow the assembly instructions. PT-109 either did not carry a ship’s mast as depicted on the box art. It may have been left in the lowered stowed, nobody knows for certain. But one thing is for sure, all photos of PT-109 show no mast. Shortly after Kennedy took command of PT-109, the right front torpedo was accidently discharged. This took out the starboard depth charge rack (and depth charge of course) along with a small section of the wooden bow rail beside the rack. There is some speculation, but it’s only speculation, that the crew removed the port depth charge after this incident. The weapons weighed 300 lbs and the thought was that it would have caused the boat to list if left in place. Nobody can confirm or deny this point though.

PT-109 had muzzle flash supressors on her .50 cal machine guns. This kit does not have those. The U.S. flag has 50 stars on them; not accurate for 1943.

Other than that this model kit is as near perfect and one can get.

Rc boat pt motor torpedo boat1 RC Boat 1/35 PT 109 Motor Torpedo Boat

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